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Home is where you begin and end the day,
No matter how tiring and stressful your day was you can be relaxed once home,
It takes hard work to make your home always comfortable,
Our services ensure Cooling Systems are working perfectly.

Data Driven Impact

Get detailed report on the performance of your A/C before and after the service including temperature and airflow.

Your A/C could be working hard, straining its components, DEWA bill and your pocket.

Signs that it’s time for an A/C service

1. Warm or hot air: This could be the result of a blocked filter or a cooling coil but in the worst case a compressor fault. 2. Noise: The reason for the noise could be a small screw. Checking all machine parts and greasing it solve the problem.
3. A/C Bad smell: Musty is from stagnant water, rotten is from pests or rodents, mold is from moisture, and burning is from short wire. 4. High DEWA bills: Without a/c service the machine works harder to cool the room hence consuming more energy,
5. Weak airflow: Accumulated dust and dirt block airways through the filter and coil. 6. Water leak: Clogged drain tray and drainage system cause the water leak.
7. Humidity: High humidity inside the house means the A/C is losing its efficiency to reduce indoor moisture and humidity.  

What does an A/C service includes

01. Check the air filter, and replace or clean, if needed 02. Check refrigerant gas charge levels and check for leaks
03. Check air flow and room air circulation distribution 04. Check and clean outdoor cooling coil
05. Check indoor cooling coil for blockage, dismantling and cleaning 06. Check and clean the drainage system
07. Make sure all electrical connections are working properly 08. Check for secure connections of individual parts
09. Check the capacitor 10. Clean and adjust blower motor components

The Benefits of A/C Service

Routine A/C service will maintain up to 95% of the unit’s original efficiency. This means a rapid cost recovery on your monthly electricity bill

1. Reduce your monthly DEWA bill through routine A/C service 2. Better cooling at high temperatures, ideal 25 degrees.
3. Reduce breakdown probability, saving unnecessary cost 4. Improved ventilation adding comfort to your home air quality
5. Adds life to your A/C unit,  

What happens if A/C is not serviced?
in months time the dirt, dust and other micro-germ will block the air filter reducing the airfolw and cooling power of the A/C and increase energy consumption.

With years passing the cooling coil will be blocked partially, straining the compressor and fan motor to produce cool air with so little space for air movement that it might casue the compressor or fan motor to fail.

This will cost you alot more than getting A/C service in dubai.

3 times a year is appriperiate for Dubai weather.
You also need A/C tune up in the winter to heal your A/C from the heavy use of the summer and prepare for the next season.

According the US environment protection agency the concentrations of some pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher than typical outdoor concentrations

In general yes it could contribute to making a cough worse if the A/C unit is not serviced or cleaned properly.

We recommend that you consult your doctor further.

On July 17, 1902, Willis Haviland Carrier designed the first modern air-conditioning system, launching an industry that would fundamentally improve the way we live, work and play.

Means that you A/C is working with the fan only, the compressor in this mode is disconnected that means the energy consumed by your A/C in this mode is down by more than 70%

Most of the units in the UAE operates with HCFC R-22, however this type of refrigerant gas is being phased out as it has negative impact on the Ozone layer.

The replacements are HFC gases R134a and R410a which are not harmful to the environment and decreases the energy consumption by up to 30%.

Today all the new units produced in 2020 are either R134a or R410a.

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